• Description

    Our best-selling ring design with a little edge. The black enamel and 24k gold vermeil make the perfect moody addition to your collection. She can be worn solo, doubled up or stacked on top of an Abella.

    • 24k Gold Vermeil & Black Enamel (Sterling Silver with heavy Gold Plating)
  • Gold Vermeil
    A thick (2.5-3 micron), 24k gold layer around a base of 925 Sterling Silver. Gold vermeil offers a thicker layer of gold than regular gold plated jewelry, which means the pieces are less likely to fade or tarnish and have greater longevity in your collection.
  • Responsibly Manufactured
    We exclusively partner with manufacturers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, which ensures ethical and safe working conditions and fully traceable and responsible sourcing practices. Our jewelry is manufactured with recycled and ethically sourced materials.

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