• Description

    This unique Malachite motif ring will have everyone asking if it’s vintage. Similar in design to the Jade Earrings, this piece is timeless.  This is our largest ring to date and the large Malachite stone will inspire confidence while warding off negative energies

    • Each piece is totally unique and the color variation of malachite ranges from dark to light green

    Malachite is a gorgeous natural gemstone recognized for its striking emerald green color. Every stone is unique, making no mesmerizing pattern the same. You can greatly benefit from the energy that wearing malachite brings. This gemstone is the stone of transformation, encouraging change, confidence and emotional risk taking. It's stabilizing energy helps you to feel more balanced emotionally while guiding you through positive changes. You will find yourself being consistently motivated to become a greater person while wearing the Malachite gemstone.

    • 24k Gold Vermeil and Malachite Stone (Sterling Silver with heavy Gold Plating)
  • Measurements

    Height: 1.25". Weight: 4.7 dwt.

  • Gold Vermeil
    A thick (2.5-3 micron), 24k gold layer around a base of 925 Sterling Silver. Gold vermeil offers a thicker layer of gold than regular gold plated jewelry, which means the pieces are less likely to fade or tarnish and have greater longevity in your collection.
  • Responsibly Manufactured
    We exclusively partner with manufacturers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, which ensures ethical and safe working conditions and fully traceable and responsible sourcing practices. Our jewelry is manufactured with recycled and ethically sourced materials.

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