A Collective. – Aureum Collective
Cassandra DiMicco and Matthew Hoyle

Aureum was created by co-founders and entrepreneurs, Cass DiMicco and Matthew Hoyle. Stemming from respective backgrounds in fashion and finance, the couple took their passion for style and brand-building to start their company from their NYC apartment. Inspired by vintage collections and also a modern approach to fashion, they wanted to create luxury jewelry for everyday wear.

Enter Aureum.

Meaning ‘golden’ in Latin (pronounced /or·e·um/), Aureum is meant to evoke feelings of warmth and luxury. All pieces are plated in 24K gold or silver and are designed with quality, versatility, and beauty in mind. Each piece is made to be effortlessly worn on its own, or better yet, layered over even the simplest outfits, and everything within the collections are created to look great together.

Aureum is now worn by fashion ‘it’ girls across the globe and the founders currently reside in sunny Miami, where the inspiration for golden creations is never-ending.

Think of Aureum as the only accessory you need to reach for in the morning, and a little dose of daily luxury.

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