Aspen – gold

24k Gold Plated (Brass with heavy Gold Plating and Malachite stones)

Aspen is a major upgrade on the classic french rope necklace.  This beautiful piece is perfect for layering with flashes of green adding some edge to your look.  The upgraded French Rope necklace everyone needs.

  • 2mm Width
  • 18" Length

Malachite is a gorgeous natural gemstone recognized for its striking emerald green color. Every stone is unique, making no mesmerizing pattern the same. You can greatly benefit from the energy that wearing malachite brings. This gemstone is the stone of transformation, encouraging change, confidence and emotional risk taking. It's stabilizing energy helps you to feel more balanced emotionally while guiding you through positive changes. You will find yourself being consistently motivated to become a greater person while wearing the Malachite gemstone.

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